We are currently meeting at 8am, 9:45am, 11:30am, 5pm and 7pm.

8am Congregation

Prayer Book services of the Word, Prayer and Lord’s Supper with hymns and songs. In non-COVID times, there is coffee and raisin toast available afterwards. 8am is currently meeting on site and gather together in a local cafe afterwards.

9:45am Congregation

An all-ages gathering designed for people from all stages and backgrounds. 9:45am is currently meeting on-site, and offers a creche and Sunday School kids’ program, with morning tea provided afterwards.

11:30am Easy English Church

A church service using simpler English to connect with people from many nations and backgrounds; often followed by lunch together. 11:30am is currently meeting on-site and there is a children's program provided.

5pm Congregation

Church at 5pm is a relaxed, all-ages gathering. Children can attend creche, Sunday School or youth group Bible studies (Yrs 6-9) during the service. Afterwards, the children are served a light meal and the adults enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

7pm (Night Church)

Night Church is a contemporary service which attracts young adults in senior high school, university students, TAFE students and full-time workers. 7pm is currently meeting on-site and is livestreamed to our Facebook page. Supper is provided after the service.

Other Gatherings

Friendship Service

The Friendship Service occurs on the third Wednesday of every month at 10:30am (except second Wednesday in December, and not in January). It is a quiet, traditional service especially for the frailer and aged, but all are welcome. It is followed by a light lunch in the hall.

Prayer Summit

The Prayer Summit is our quarterly prayer gathering, which takes place on the first Wednesday of each school term. We gather in the church hall to pray for our local and global community. 2022 dates are Wednesday 2 February, 27 April, 20 July & 12 October. Join us at one of four time-slots: 7am, 10am, 5:15pm (family friendly) & 7:30pm.

Growth Groups

We have a number of smaller groups that meet on various weekdays and nights for Bible study, prayer and mutual care, with the aim of growing in trusting Jesus and living for him. For more information, or to let us know you’d like to join one of these groups please contact us.