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Leadership Team

Sandy Grant senior minister leader of staff team St Michael's

Sandy Grant

Senior Minister

Sandy is a follower of Jesus, husband to Karyn, father of three daughters, pastor, committee member, reader (theology, biography, crime fiction), and runner. Follow Sandy on Twitter via @SandmanGrant.

Liam Shannon Assistant Minister at St Michael's Wollongong

Liam Shannon

Assistant Minister

Liam serves the 9:30am and 7pm services, and oversees growth groups to help each person grow in Christ. Married to Liz, with four kids, Liam loves soccer and looks forward to the new creation.

Stacey Chapman Women's Ministry Coordinator at Wollongong Anglican

Stacey Chapman

Assistant Minister (PT)

Stacey has been a disciple of Jesus for as long as she can remember. She has been a daughter all her life and a sister for most of it, a wife for half and a mother of four for a third. She loves her church family at St Michael’s and serves in women’s ministry. 

Andy Stevenson Youth and Children's Minister at St Michael's in Wollongong

Andy Stevenson

Youth & Children’s Minister

Andy loves sharing life and Jesus with young people, being active with his wife, Kim and 3 sons, and is a scripture and youth conferences board member. Andy is mad about sport: cricket, hockey, and all the footy codes!

Reg Piper former Bishop of Wollongong

Reg Piper

Senior Assistant Minister (PT)

A former Bishop of Wollongong, Reg loves preaching Jesus, teaching the Bible and mixing with people. He is married to Dorothy and together they have three children and seven grandchildren; Reg enjoys walking and swimming, and is a Dragons tragic! 

Lauren Russell Communications Director Wollongong Anglican Church

Lauren Russell

Communications Director (PT)

Lauren is a lover of life with Jesus. Lauren moved to Wollongong in 2011 to study at UOW, where she met her wonderful husband, Dave. She is a ‘foodie’ who loves reading, writing, running, musicals, and all things French.

Matt Shannon youth ministry trainee staff team at Wollongong

Matt Shannon

Youth Ministry Trainee

Matt used to be a high-school PE teacher, but realised that his passion for sharing Jesus with youth and young people was greater than his love of sport. He is a keen soccer player, and is also passionate about using music to serve Jesus. He attends the 7pm service and leads on several of the children’s and youth ministry teams.

Meaghan Gates children's ministry trainee at St Michael's

Meaghan Gates

Children's Ministry Trainee

A former preschool teacher, Meaghan has always been passionate about teaching young children about Jesus. Coming from a large family, she’s at home in the chaos and joy of children’s ministry. Meaghan loves to play soccer, create wedding florals, and learn more and more about her good and gracious God.

Joanna Hann women's ministry trainee at Wollongong Anglican

Joanna Hann

Women's Ministry Trainee

Jon Baird Sunday Assistant Minister

Jonathan Baird

Sunday Assistant

Jon serves as a Sunday Assistant in international ministry alongside Morwenna and their kids. During the week he counts it a delight to share not just the gospel but his life as well with international students at the University of Wollongong.

Joe Radkovic 11am Easy English Church Minister at St Michael's

Joe Radkovic

Assistant Minister (HON. PT)

Joe is a husband, the father of three adults and a child of the creator of the universe because Jesus chose to die for him. What a lucky chook!

Julie Clark Administration Assistant on staff at St Michael's

Julie Clark

Admin Assistant (PT)

Julie enjoys spending time with family and friends, running around after her teenage son, going on holidays, spending time at the beach, sunshine, Summer, a good cup of tea, and the Sydney Swans.

Jodie Madry administration assistant at wollongong church

Jodie Madry

Admin Assistant (PT)

Jodie is married to John and has two daughters. She’s passionate about serving the parish in her role and using it as a ministry opportunity to the community. She loves spending quality time with friends and family over coffee and being involved in the 9:30 am service at St Michael’s.

Samantha personal assistant for Senior Minister at Gong Cathedral

Samantha Wearing

PA to the Senior Minister (PT)

Samantha loves any sport that involves water, especially kayaking, as well as enjoying the outdoors with her husband and three children. She also enjoys doing the odd jobs in ministry and sharing the gospel with children, especially in SRE.

Morwenna Baird Bookkeeper at St Michael's

Morwenna Baird

Bookkeeper (PT)

Morwenna loves being part of God’s family at St Michael’s along with her husband, Jon, and their 2 children. She enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Greg Engel serves as a warden at St Michael's

Greg Engel

Church Warden

Greg serves as a warden, enjoys old buildings and trips to the tip – Whyte’s Gully Rules!! He is happily married to Megan (for over 30 years) with three adult children. Greg believes in an awesome and graceful God who offers salvation to all through faith in his Son, Christ Jesus.

David Pirie warden St Michael's leadership team

David Pirie

Church Warden

David attends the 9:30am church service with his wife, Nicole, and their son and daughter. He is an IT enthusiast who can solve al(most) all computer problems.

Luke Thompson Parish Council Warden for St Michael's

Luke Thompson

Church Warden

Luke and wife Leia became Christians during marriage prep at St Michael’s around 12 years ago. They have two young children who enjoy the great kids programs. Luke enjoys mountain biking and surfing, as well as playing drums at church and with other muso friends.

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