4 Feburary 2021

There’s a new buzz word around ministry. Intergenerational. But it’s far more than that. It’s a new (or rather old) way of looking at how we plan events or group gatherings, how we teach, how we think about relationships with our brothers and sisters, even the way we serve each other. So what is it and why is it a new direction in ministry?

Intergenerational ministry is simply ministry that recognises the value that all generations bring to God’s community. Older generations might bring wisdom, discipline and experience through years of wrestling with God’s word and his world in which we live. Younger generations encourage the older with enthusiasm, uncomplicated trust and a beautiful simplicity of understanding God and his world, often untainted by years of tragedy and brokenness. This sounds like church. At its core it is.

However, the reason that it has become such a buzz word in ministry, is that for many years there has been a push to separate the ages in order to be efficient in ministry. We can reach a greater number of people, at a deeper level, most quickly by doing it in age appropriated ministries. But should our ministries be guided by efficiency? Please don’t take from this that developmentally appropriate teaching is unnecessary. It most certainly is. I am extremely passionate about children and youth being taught in ways that they can comprehend. But I do lament that COVID has prohibited us from having children in to sing praises alongside you all before heading out for their teaching whilst you have yours.

We have a wonderfully eclectic range of ages and personalities at St Michael’s, and we are united in faith. Who could you encourage with prayer or by inviting around for a meal? A young family? An older parishioner? A young single? Are you an 80 year old who would dearly love to serve the children of our community? A parent who’s keen to get back into youth ministry? A single man or woman who would love to encourage the children of God but hasn’t been gifted a husband or wife let alone children? Your child might love to serve alongside you welcoming, leading prayer, bible reading or even singing or playing an instrument with you! What a joy church is that we are all growing closer to God together and he’s gifted us the skills to encourage each other in a plethora of ways.

Who are you going to encourage this week, this month, this year?

Meaghan Gates
Children’s Minister