14 May 2017

The Christian calendar is full of varied yet wonderful conferences; perhaps too many to choose from. Sometimes we must be careful not to go to so many that we aren’t present locally for our own Church, mission and personal evangelism. St Michael’s youth are strong attenders of a few conferences, camps and events. And KYCK Youth Convention is a highlight for many of us. Why? Well let me share a few reasons.

Unity in Christ

Ephesians 4:1-16 speaks about our unity in Christ – all being part of one body, the Church. For our youth at KYCK, it is so encouraging to see 2000 other youth and leaders from churches all over the state (and beyond). We feel a part of something bigger, yet still only a small part of God’s massive family. Galatians 3:28 also helps us see the unity in God’s Kingdom is also diverse. On a smaller scale, our crew loves their own youth group community, and being away together is also another highlight. Our leaders love it too! 

Great preaching of the word of God

2 Timothy 4:2 and Hebrews 4:12 both highlight the importance and power of God’s word preached for God’s purpose: changing lives. The talks at KYCK are consistently amazing! As part of the KYCK organising team, I see the preachers plan and prepare together for 6-9 months beforehand because they believe preaching is a central value of KYCK and why youth groups come. Young people hear preaching tailored to their age and life, relevant and applicable – and the benefits have proven huge for so many youth!

Moments in the Christian life to keep you going

In Romans 5:3-5 we learn suffering in the Christian life develops character and perseverance – centred around the hope that Jesus gives for eternal life with him. It’s increasingly hard for young people to take a ‘stand for the King’ in their world, family, school, etc. They need encouragement. KYCK gives that ‘kick-start’ or ‘pick-me-up’ that really helps the youth continue in Christ. It is not some fake high, or emotional rollercoaster as some may falsely perceive. For all who follow Jesus the reality is ups and downs, doubts and weak seasons. We need all the help we can get! 


Lastly, a statistic shared with me: 20% of youth ministers who take groups to KYCK became Christians at KYCK themselves! (Surely it’s a similar stat for youth leaders in general.)

25 years ago, I became a Christian at the first KYCK in 1992, hearing a talk about heaven. I’ve never looked back. Our teenagers and young adults will tell you KYCK provides an opportunity to become Christians on Saturday night. They hear a gospel talk in the context of the weekend’s talks, and hundreds commit (and recommit) each year!! For many it’s the culmination of what they have learnt in church life being brought to a point where they are challenged to make a decision. KYCK does this very well.

I’ve heard Richard Chin say, “Beg, steal, scramble to get your child on these camps”. It will help them in their walk with Jesus greatly. Surely there is nothing more important to us all than to bring glory to God by growing in our faith and helping others grow in theirs.

Andrew Stevenson
Youth & Children’s Minister