Mission Update – Tim & Siew Mun Nicholls

In July, Mission of the Month giving is directed to Tim & Siew Mun Nicholls, serving at St George’s Anglican Church, Penang, Malaysia (previously at the Cathedral in KL). Tim used to be a member of St Michael’s during his university years and ministry traineeship.

Here are their most recent prayer points:

  • Please do continue to pray that we will faithfully serve Christ in Malaysia and that God will be growing his Kingdom.
  • Thank God for the blessing of another child. Pray for a safe delivery and adjustment to being a family of 6. (Siew Mun has reported that it is particularly challenging being away from her family, who are unable to visit due to travel restrictions, and with a new different doctor from the one she has known in KL)
  • Thank God for many opportunities to teach God’s word in Penang, and for the hunger of his people to know his word better (examples include Tim’s preaching, leading The Bible Overview and ‘Just for Starters’’, and training Sunday School teachers)
  • Thank God for good progress on Tim’s MTh studies. Pray for discipline to work on it consistently, especially with a new baby arriving.

Pray for a good working relationship with the incoming Vicar of St George’s, Archdeacon Stephen Soe (as ‘Curate’ or Assistant Minister, Tim has lots of day to day responsibility, while the Archdeacon also serves more widely).

Parish Council Update: June

  • We began with a Bible reading (2 Corinthians 5) and prayer.
  • We received a report on Meaghan Gates’ ministry as Children’s Minister, noting the re-booting of Kids Club, and almost 20 new leaders and junior leaders starting in or re-joining children’s ministry this year.
  • Sandy reported on his role in responding to new DV research in the Anglican Church.
  • We were glad that 12 attenders came to the latest Simply Christianity, presented for the first time by Mitch Walker; along with 18 to our latest ‘Plug In’ for newcomers.
  • We reviewed a report into our livestream ministry (also featured in Sandy’s Minister’s letter) and agreed it is a ministry not just of 9:45am but the whole parish. We hope tech volunteers from other congregations might help out periodically at 9:45am.
  • We noted the resignations of a verger and cleaner and the search for replacements.
  • We approved a carefully updated financial policy.
  • As reported by Sandy at the AGM and affirmed by those attending, the appointment of an Easy English Pastor, preferably full time with skills in evangelism or community engagement, is a high priority for St Michael’s. Appointing a graduate minister to this role will add about $100K to our budget. Up to half of that could be managed by reductions to part-time staff, especially in the ‘Easy English’ area, but to go ahead in 2022, we would have to raise an additional $50K per annum. And if we can’t, then we would have to not replace trainee ministry positions. We are keen to be able to do both, so can some of you increase your giving in 2022? Let us know.
  • We agreed to support for Matt and Kate Zylstra’s cross cultural mission training in UAE.