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These three: A summary of the Christian life

This article explains why I’ll be preaching on faith, hope and love as I come to the end of my time here… “We tend to speak of Christian growth in terms of ‘maturity’ or ‘godliness’ or … the three C’s of conviction, character and competence. ‘Faith, love and hope’ aren’t nearly as prominent—certainly not in my fairly wide experience of evangelical thinking, writing and teaching…  Which is strange, because faith, hope and love are very prominent in the New Testament, not only as foundational concepts in their own right, but in combination as a summary of the Christian life….”


How the Lord’s Prayer Can Help You Overcome Your Prayer Struggles

Namely that…

  1. We forget why prayer matters.
    2. We aren’t sure God hears us.
    3. We don’t know what to pray.
    4. We become distracted.
    5. We feel guilty.
    6. We are busy.

This is why I encourage you to learn and say it off by heart (and to pray it expansively)!


Parents, Here’s the Best Way to Hand Down Your Faith

As a taster for Andy’s final sermon this Sunday… What’s the most important thing a parent can do?  “The frequency of attending a religious service matters also. But in terms of influence, talking about the faith on a regular basis at home matters most…”