Mission Update – CMS

In September, Mission of the Month giving goes to the Gideons and Scripture Union.

The Gideons work in distributing Bibles and pocket New Testaments in hotels, prisons, universities, schools and so on is well known. In fact, we have a couple of Gideons in our parish, and thanks to one of them and his wife, I have a couple of their Pocket NTs in my street library. Graeme Willis (9:30am) or Stephen Kennard (11am) would be glad to answer questions about the Gideons.

I have seen Stephen more than once offering university students a free New Testament on the UOW campus. Many of them would never have such a straightforward chance to read God’s Word otherwise.

Our other Mission of the Month, Scripture Union, is also convinced about the power of God’s Word. Their ministries encourage personal Bible reading, and word ministry on camps, school lunchtime meetings, and on summer missions up and down the coast.

In fact, if you are interested in serving on a ‘beach mission’, you could contact our Children’s Minister, Meaghan Gates, who helps lead one down the South Coast.

You can support these missions by EFT giving marked “mission” in the description field.

Parish Council Update: September

  • We began with a Bible reading (Psalm 9) and prayer, and a ministry report from Liam Shannon, our Senior Assistant Minister. Liam and Stacey were commended for another well-run Leaders’ Development Day.
  • We heard from Sandy regarding various transitional matters: Zoom visits to farewell individual growth groups; ensuring various policies and processes are noted and stored via memo; liaison with Anthony Douglas who will start as Acting Rector. A reminder that the Grants’ last Sunday is November 7th.
  • We were glad that Mitch Walker has accepted the 0.8 FTE position, as an Assistant Minister, focussing on Night Church, and offering some support to youth leaders.
  • We discussed the complex issues of the Government’s return to gathering pathway and vaccine mandates. There is the need to balance ‘rights’ with ‘responsibilities’.
  • We resolved to request Standing Committee to extend the ‘review date’ of the Wollongong Trust Ordinance 2016 for another 5 years, which means the status quo on income distribution would continue.
  • The extra Cathedral restoration works we agreed to re. the bell and cross repairs and gutter replacement means we will need to draw down some extra savings.
  • Electrical works have seen all switchboards now fitted with current leakage devices and work continues upgrading downstairs hall lighting and courtyard lighting.
  • A tenant has moved into the parish’s Georgina Ave residence on a 12-month lease.
  • Anna Radkovic is progressing to being a CMS candidate. Parish Council approved an in principle exploration of a link relationship with her, as a CMS missionary candidate.