Mission Update: Youthworks

Youthworks is the mission of the month for November, and what a wonderful organisation that has served St Michael’s so well and hundreds of other Churches across the Sydney diocese, NSW and beyond! Most other diocese in the country, let alone the world, do not have a “Youthworks”, and this is evident as GAFCON, the Global Anglican network, uses Sydney’s Youthworks as the lead organisation for youth ministry resources at its worldwide conference.

Youthworks has many arms, from; CEP (SRE curriculum, books and teaching resources), Youthworks College (a Bible college specifying in youth and children’s ministry training), Year13 (a discipleship gap year for school leavers), Campsites all over greater Sydney and Shoalhaven (which St Mick’s youth will be at this weekend!), to the Ministry support team, which Andy has left St Michael’s staff team to lead that team as it resources, trains and advises Churches in their youth and kids ministry and is the diocesan SRE head office for all SRE policy, accreditation and training.

St Michael’s has had numerous Year13 and YW college students, sends 20+ SRE to its conference each year (talk to Meaghan if you’re keen to go or teach SRE next year) and many senior high school youth to LIT (leaders in Training) conference every January, 31 in 2021 and 27 for 2022 so far!! [https://youthworks.net/ for more details on any of the conferences]

Youthworks has had a very tough two years in COVID times, like many businesses that have suffered so has Youthworks, but more so than most, as right now the outdoor education industry is still not running because schools cannot do school camps or excursions. Youthworks has lost millions and there are meetings with government politicians and the media to try and compensate for the loss, not just for Youthworks, but the entire outdoor education industry which is worth $7.6billion to the state economy.

Please PRAY for loss of income for staff, particular as grants and job keeper payments have dried up and PRAY that the school camping ministry can get back on its feet for a big 2022. PRAY for SRE as it has just been approved to operate again in schools. PRAY for youth and children’s ministries all over the diocese and indeed the world that they might continue to tell the gospel and share life together. 1 These 2:8. 

[Please consider donating to Youthworks at this time, all donations are tax-deductible. https://youthworks.net/donate]

Parish Council Update: November

  • Opened the meeting with bible reading and prayer (Luke 15:1-2) – how amazing that Jesus welcomes sinners! 
  • Livestream camera 1 has been mounted. The new projector and screen have been installed in the hall 
  • Downstairs hall (kids church area) has had new lighting installed. 
  • Carpet cleaning for the Cathedral has been booked following the completion of the roof works & Heritage builder’s advice sought about cleaners for the sandstone 
  • Parish council noted the completion of the roof and sandstone restoration project, with the additional restoration of the cross (eastern end) and re-mounting of the bell 
  • A hazardous materials report was received for our properties with actions required noted for follow up 
  • A CO2 meter was purchased to assist with monitoring of airflow indoors and other safety matters and required actions were discussed 
  • Andy Stevenson and Jo Trotter were appointed as WCCEB representatives following the resignation of Rob Thomas. We expressed thanks for his service.