Justin - Ministry Trainee

Hi, my name’s Justin. I came to Christ when I was 17 year old. I had run my life into the ground, and realised that I needed to let the creator’s purpose be my purpose. From there, it’s been a gradual growth in appreciation for Christ’s sacrifice and a deepening of my relationship with God.

Last year, I was working full time at Grill’d (a burger shop) and fitting in serving around the edges of that. This year, I’m no longer working at Grill’d, but doing a MTS (ministry) apprenticeship with St Michaels in order to be trained and equipped as a gospel worker.

I’m excited and grateful to be freed up to do ministry full time; to learn and grow that I might love the people around me with the Gospel better.

I’m going to be spending the bulk of my time in Engage and Evangelise ministries, which means being around a lot of non-Christians. Please pray that God might use me to clear shine for the Gospel in these contexts, and that by His spirit, some might come to Christ through these efforts.

Pray also that I would not neglect my character, or my relationship with our Father. It’s certainly not in my own strength that I will do any of this, so please ask that God might work in me to keep me humble, teachable, and someone who keeps coming back to the cross.

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