Our current culture has done our young people no favours. They are constantly bombarded with a tidal wave of voices and opinions telling them who they are, how they should act, and how they should relate to each other. Every day, they are faced with a mess of noise and mass confusion. What they need is a voice to cut through the noise, and there’s only one voice that counts: God’s.

At the end of the school holidays, 52 youth and 21 leaders from St Mick’s headed up to Katoomba for the annual KYCK Youth Conference run by KCC.

KYCK is a chance for youth groups from across NSW (and even some from other states) to come together as one, be encouraged by each other, build relationships, sing together, and most importantly hear the Word of God taught faithfully by world-class Bible teachers.

This year at KYCK, we explored Genesis 1-3 and thought deeply about our identity, our purpose and what it means to be made in the image of God. It was such a joy to come together with 2000+ young people, turn off the rest of the noise, and hear God’s truth taught with clarity and conviction from the Bible.

While it can be tempting at times for us to think that we are fighting a losing battle against the collective voice of a culture that is moving further and further from God, be encouraged that God is not defeated. Over the 3 weekends of KYCK so far this year, more than 6000 young people have gathered together, 69 young people have responded to the gospel and given their lives to Christ, and 356 people have recommitted to living out their faith.

God is still at work. People are being saved. And the voice of God has the power to cut through the noise and change hearts.

It is a challenge to get 75 people from Wollongong to Katoomba. It’s a logistical challenge, it’s a financial challenge, and it’s a physical and emotional challenge. But there is no question that it’s worth it.

Please be praying for the 69 young people who gave their lives to Jesus at KYCK this year; pray that they will be followed up and nurtured in their home churches. And please be praying for our group also; give thanks for the awesome time we had, and pray that the gospel will continue to cut through the noise, and be at work in the hearts and minds of our youth.

In Christ,

Matt Shannon
Youth Minister