One sign of a heart that has been changed by God’s Spirit, is sympathy for others. Growth Groups at St Michael’s have been striving to love others in a way that both reflects God’s love (sacrificial and practical) and that points to God’s love (loving in a way that points others to Christ).

Women on Wednesdays (WOW) have been blessing others by partnering with existing ministries. Together they have partnered with Corrimal’s Mobile Community Pantry (MCP) as they seek to meet the physical needs of many, and see them brought into a church community. They have also partnered with FOCUS, a university ministry that serves students who have moved from oversees to study in Wollongong.

Jenni, a WOW leader (and member at 11:30am & 5pm), has kindly shared some of the ways these women’s growth groups have sought to bless others…

“Blessing others has been a goal for WOW for about 20 years now, although we used to call it our “Dorcas” project. Each term we would chose a different charity to support either financially or physically. We knitted rugs for “wrap with love”, filled shoe boxes for Samaritans’ Purse and contributed to “Share the Dignity” to name just a few.

When we joined with Corrimal we thought we might be able to help in some way with the Mobile Community Pantry. We noticed that only dry non-perishable goods were available for the shoppers so decided to have a go at providing some fresh fruit and vegetables.

We all were able to be involved with cash donations as well as shopping for the fruit and vegetables, bagging it and making sure it was delivered to The Hub at Corrimal before the shoppers arrived. Some of our members have begun attending the MCP to make connections with the shoppers and the team.

Later we added collecting bread from Baker’s Delight at Bulli, bagging it and once again delivering it in time for the shoppers.

All this has been very well received and has forged some new connections between Wollongong and Corrimal. We hope to continue well into the future as the need for help with cost of living brings more shoppers each fortnight.

The other ‘blessing others’ project WOW is involved in is providing dinner for FOCUS once each term. This act of service is a great way to serve our international brothers and sisters with physical food before they hear of the spiritual food that Jesus provides.”

Jenni (WOW Leader)

If you would like to be involved in a blessing others project, or if you have any ideas to share, please let us know. You might like to discuss the idea with your growth group, or a friend at church. Please be praying that through our efforts, God will be given the glory He deserves, and that many who receive kindness will know the kindness of Jesus and be saved.