From the Empty Tomb to Today’s Abuse: Believe Women

Today’s slogan “Believe women” is also a serious Easter message… Women were first at the Cradle and last at the Cross.


The benefits of long-term

As a society, Australians are getting used to the new norm of multiple careers, jobs, locations, and never staying still for too long. Many people value this flexibility and novelty more than stability and security. But when it comes to mission, there is so much value in commitment – in staying in one place with the same people for a long time. CMS has “long-term focus” as one of its distinctives, and in this great article CMS Missionary in Indonesia, Andrew Buchanan explains why.


Reflections on the Christlike leadership of John Stott*

Rico Tice: “What is John Stott’s legacy in this, the hundredth year since he was born? We could think of his preaching, his writing, his evangelism or his impact on student ministry. But more than any of those, I think his greatest legacy may be his personal godliness…” (*For younger folk, John Stott was quite possibly the most influential English Anglican Christian leader of the last 100 years!)