Evangelists in No Man’s Land: On Not Losing the Gospel in the Culture Wars

Neither left nor right… “I’m not on their side—I’m on Jesus’ side. I am part of his movement… I trust in his promises and speak his words. That doesn’t mean that I can’t be sympathetic toward, or even involved in, a range of political and social movements… But that is not my core identity.” – Tom Habib


Helping Unbelief

A meditation on one of the best things anyone ever said to Jesus, from one of my favourite Gospel incidents: “I believe; help my unbelief.”


Prince Philip and the myth of stoicism

A bishop reflects on how we can confuse stoicism and Christianity… “The first clue that these two approaches to life are different is that Jesus looks nothing like the calm, detached Stoic sage. He rages against the injustices of the Jerusalem Temple, enjoys a good party, and sheds bitter tears at the death of a friend…”