Mission Update – CMS

In June, Mission of the Month giving is directed to CMS (the Church Missionary Society), through whom we support:

  • Mal and Charissa Forrest & family (International Church work and school teaching in Amman, Jordan).
  • Karina Brabham (missionary in training at St Andrew’s Hall, heading to France)
  • Roger & Noriko Dethlefs (CMS associates in Japan with supporting other missionaries there, and tertiary student work)


Recently, federal director of CMS, Peter Rodgers quoted 2 Timothy 2:9 – “God’s word is not chained” – and reminded us that in Acts 16, Paul and Silas were locked up in Philippi.

But even a prison cell could not stop God’s mission. Actually, God used their suffering to bring about his purposes. The same is true today in COVID times. He reported:

  • New missionaries have been trained for service. The St Andrew’s Hall Redevelopment was completed on time and on budget, despite the lockdown in Melbourne.
  • New churches amongst gospel-poor peoples were established. In Japan, our church planters purchased a new building to cater for extra people who first joined online.
  • New believers were reached and discipled. In Argentina, ABUA, the Christian Uni Bible group reached more university students than ever before, through online means.
  • New resources were developed. In Timor-Leste, initial disappointment that the virus delayed launch of the Tetun language version of the Big Picture Story Bible, turned to joy at news it has become part of the National Curriculum for Protestant schools.


Parish Council Update: May

  • We began with a Bible reading (Psalm 62) and prayer.
  • We received a report on his ministry from Andy Stevenson focussing on youth groups, Night Church, high school ministry, KYCK convention, handover of children’s ministry to Meaghan, and ongoing liaison with her, and House Conference for u18s ministry.
  • Sandy reported on recent sessions of Synod, including a rigorous but good-spirited election of Kanishka Raffel for Archbishop. He also noted the significant investment required to establish ‘New Churches for New Communities’ in Western Sydney (& other new housing areas) where population is projected to boom (~3 million new people).
  • We resolved to spend up to $10K on installing WIFI, replacing lighting and painting the downstairs kids ministry area, and to also apply for a Community Building Partnership grant to install new flooring and mobile dividers there, if possible.
  • We received an update on the roof replacement project progress, and requested our architect investigate replacing the bell frame at the same time.

PC agreed on pairing members up to take special responsibility for various portfolios: Mission policy: Michele D. & Greg E.; HR: Paul V. & Emma K.; Residences: Catriona W. & Samantha J.;  Safety, accessibility, usability: Annie T. & Kate W.; Maintenance: Lindsay D. with Wardens; Tech & equipment: Geoff M. & Colin M.; Finance: Allan M. & Rob T.; Large projects (heritage): Luke with other Wardens;  Ordinances: Sandy with Wardens. Also note that there are new photos in foyers up to help you identify PC members.