At Milimani I enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. Even better, my friends followed Jesus too. I also enjoyed listening to the talks and doing activities. I learnt that because the tomb is empty we can live peacefully with God in heaven forever. Milimani is for kids in years 4-6. I think you should come in the holidays to Milimani so you can learn more about God’s great plan for us,  to have fun and get messy.

Miriam, Year 6

Because the tomb is empty, what happens? Well, at the CMS camp MMM this year, we looked at just that. Mike Snowdon led us through 4 talks on just this topic. Also at MMM, we learned about and met missionaries (two of which, Jim and Tanja French, are from Wollongong), got covered in colourful powder and ate awesome food. We met new people, and socialized over meals, with awesome sung graces. Over the course of four days we learnt that because the tomb is empty, God’s king is crowned, God’s spirit is sent, Jesus is Lord and Messiah and that God’s Kingdom is growing NOW.

Calvin, Year 8

Camp MMM  is a CMS camp for years 7-9. It goes for three nights and is packed full of fun and great talks. Campers from all over NSW come to take part. This year’s speaker was Mike Snowden, a returned missionary from Spain. His talks used a key phrase ‘because the tomb is empty’ to build all his talks on. I loved the encouragement that this camp was being with fellow Christains my age. They had seminars every day on topics like social justice and music in church. The food was amazing for a camp and has set a high standard for future camps.

Jude, Year 8