Our recent AGM was a great expression of our common heart to see more disciples of Jesus shining as lights in our city.   We’re grateful for those who offered themselves for service in formal positions (whose service we should make a joy – Hebrews 13v7) 

Our wardens:  Greg Engel & Luke Thompson (people’s); Rob Thomas (Rector’s) 

Our Parish Council: Catriona Williams, David Pirie & Kate Williams (people’s); Renee Tenhave (Rector’s) 

Extra to Parish Council, Clayton Childs will continue to serve as treasurer, & Nicole Pirie has since been appointed by Parish Council as our Safe Ministry Representative. 

Our smaller parish Council will operate through sub-committees, seeking to draw in the gifts of other church members into working groups: 

Property: Maintenance.  Headed by Greg & Catriona, its goal is ‘to ensure all current properties & ‘possessions’ are fit for current gospel work.’ 

Property: Major Works.  Headed by Luke & Renee, its goal is ‘to re-work properties & ‘possessions’ to better serve gospel ministry into the future.’ 

Finance.  Headed by Rob & David, its goal is ‘to steward & grow the parish’s finances.’ 

People, Policy & Compliance. Headed by Kate, its goal is ‘to ensure all conduct & systems of church life comply with our vision, diocese & legal requirements.’ 

Each has more specifics tasks flowing from the goal & are about to start inviting others to serve with them.   

We also took the opportunity at the AGM to look back in gratitude – & re-commit ourselves in the service of Christ as a freshly united parish.  In my Rector’s report, I reflected on 2 Peter 3v18 ‘Grow in the grace & Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ – to Him be the glory, both now & forever’.   3 areas I pray we’ll grow in grace: 

  1.  Good Stewardship: God has given much to our church family – people, possibility & property.  This year, we will spend time planning for our next 5 years.  3 days of planning & focus are set aside to consider the particular gospel opportunities where God has placed us.   
  1. Stronger Partnership:   We want to deepen our unity as one church with 6 congregations across 2 sites.   
  1. Growth in reaching the lost:  we must ask the Lord of the harvest to use us to bring the lost in.    

I’d welcome you joining me in that prayer, 

In Him, 

Mark Smith 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Parish Council would like to express how very grateful we are for your generous support of ministry here at St Michael’s. The Parish Council has committed to providing regular updates on church finances to all congregations of St Michael’s. Each month we will inform you of the giving for previous month and for the year to date. Once per quarter we will present a more comprehensive update to you within the service. 

In February $72,802 was generously offered for ministry. We praise God He’s provided 89.4% of budget – recognising it’s still $8,598 short of the anticipated $81,400.  For the year to date, $145,222 has been generously given. We are consistently meeting 89% of the budget developed from pledges in 2022 ($17,578 short of the planned $162,800). 

Mindful of this, the most important action we must all take is to pray.  Our Father gives what’s best & invites us to make bold requests (Luke 11). Please join us in prayer for the Lord’s provision for, & work through, our ministry.  Pray too for wardens & parish council’s wisdom in managing all Christ entrusts to us. 

In sharing this, we want church informed, not burdened.  We recognise that many are impacted by the increased cost of living through inflation and interest rate rises. Not everyone who pledged last year is able to offer what was pledged at the time. We also recognise that people put payment arrangements in place to occur automatically and perhaps have not updated the details to match the pledge, or go some way towards it.  

Thank you for your prayerful and considered financial support of ministry here at St Michael’s. 

In Christ,
Parish Council