At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year a smaller Parish Council was elected (3 Wardens, 4 Parish Councillors and the Rector). Our Treasurer (Clayton Childs) is not a member of the Parish Council, but welcome to meetings (and has attended some). To assist its operation, the intention was to recruit beyond the Council to assist on sub-committees and share the workload. Given that six months has passed since the AGM, we are providing an update on how the new structure and smaller Parish Council has worked. 

All Parish Council members unanimously reported that the smaller size was a positive change and made for a more efficient body, while maintaining robust discussion. At present, there are 3 women and 4 men, with at least one member from every service. Since our partnership, most members have also endeavoured to attend a service or event at our Corrimal site in order to better understand the needs of that congregation and property (as all are familiar with the Wollongong property). 

There are four sub-committees: policy and compliance, finance, property maintenance and property improvement. The sub-committees operate differently: some have regular meetings while others call on skilled assistance for specific tasks. Six months in, the majority of the sub-committees are functioning well and has allowed Parish Council members to focus more on their specific areas, as well as recruit individuals with skills and gifts in those areas to assist. Where committees are not functioning as well as desired, there is an awareness of the problems that need resolving. All sub-committees continue to look at how they might improve operation, and how to find individuals with the required skills and time to assist. Parish council welcomes those with gifts in such areas to contact them. 

Parish Council: Mark Smith, Greg Engel, David Pirie, Renee Tenhave, Rob Thomas, Luke Thompson, Catriona Williams, Kate Williams