At St Michael’s, we have numerous congregations for people to attend. However, did you know that running alongside most is kids’ ministry. Every week, during school terms, kids leave the Cathedral and join in on the kids’ program in the hall. My name is Benjamin, and I have been leading the kids’ ministry at 9:45 for the past 2 years. It has been a fantastic opportunity, and something that I look forward to every week. I know that everyone who leads with me agrees.

I believe that kids’ ministry is very beneficial, not only for the kids but the church as a whole. It provides parents with a chance to focus better during church and it also provides leaders with an opportunity to serve the church but most importantly, it provides for the children. The kids get a space where they can be surrounded by like-minded Christian kids, which they may have not been able to find anywhere else. The kids get time to play games and build friendships while being in a church setting.

The most valuable part of this ministry is the teaching. Teaching the children about the gospel is our main purpose. We aim to teach in a kid-friendly and faithful way to ensure the are kids interested and educated about the Bible. As a kid, I never had something like this, so to be involved in providing kids with a way to learn that is catered to them means so much to me!

Some weeks, there are challenges. If it’s raining or windy, the kids will start to jump off the walls even more than normal. Every week, the kids always have so much energy, which is the best and worst thing at the same time. Sometimes they come in with excitement and enthusiasm to learn more about Jesus, and some weeks, they just want to run for an hour.

Over my time leading, I have met so many interesting kids and have had a blast hanging out and getting to know them. However, the best thing about kids’ ministry is being able to see the kids grow week to week in their faith. It’s even better when they tell stories of them going out into their schools and showing others what they have learned in church. Kids’ church is something that the kids want to go to every week. I believe that creating that positive attitude towards the church is something that St Michael’s does so well.

If you’d like to check out our children’s programs on Sundays or during the week please don’t hesitate to contact Meaghan our kids minister kids@wollongonganglican.org

We’d love to see you there and so would the kids! 

Benjamin Rowland