Jesus Club is a ministry for adults with an intellectual disability. Currently, there are 24 Jesus Clubs, most in NSW, and one in Singapore!

St Michael’s Jesus Club meets every 2nd Tuesday (in the Wollongong church hall). We have a fabulous night together: enjoying music, teaching from the Bible, sharing what is going on in our lives, craft, and supper.  

Our team includes Justin, Philippa, Sam, Charlotte, Rach, Andrea, Izzy, Anna, Varun and Mitch (Community Pastor). A great team, who work together with joy and humility, using an array of gifts God has given to us.

We have loved getting to know our members, and their families. God has been very kind in bringing people to our club, because at the start of the year we weren’t sure exactly who would be coming!

During the year we have been learning ‘what is a Christian?’ It’s clear that this message is being heard and understood.  One of the many encouragements of the year was a story a mother shared with me about her son. At church they were asked to share with the person beside them how they would simply share the gospel. She turned to her son and asked what can you tell me about God? He answered her confidently ‘You can be friends with God’. She said to me ‘that is Jesus Club language’. I was thrilled that at Jesus Club he had learnt how to put words to the message of the gospel which he was able to share.

I’m thankful for the support we receive from Jesus Club ministries – which provide teaching and training materials for us. Recently our team benefited from the annual Jesus Club conference, helping us to improve the way we teach key truths from the Bible through music and craft.

I’m also very thankful for those who provide supper for us. Not only does a good supper help create an environment for good conversations, it also says ‘we love and care for you’. And there are many in our church family who have faithfully prayed for this ministry throughout the year. How precious it is to know we have been upheld by the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Christian partnership.

The gospel is for everyone, and Jesus Club is a wonderful expression of this truth. Praise God for his kindness to us in many ways through this ministry!