Aside from our Sunday services, Primary Special Religious Education (SRE) teaching is our regular ministry with the biggest reach in the Illawarra; with the highest number of individuals who hear the gospel through a single ministry. Thanks to our merge with Corrimal, we’re now running SRE in 8 schools across the Illawarra! We have 21 disciples teaching 32 classes, and that reaches over 500 students every week. Praise God!

Stories from this year

We asked a few of our church members about their highlights from Primary SRE teaching this year; here’s what they had to say:

‘Teaching SRE has been a highlight of my year. What joy it is to spend half an hour each week teaching children about Jesus. I’ve loved the enthusiasm of my class to read the Bible, act out a story, and answer questions thoughtfully. I’m delighted that these children know God loves them and has provided the way for them to be part of his kingdom through Jesus. How great is that! I had never taught SRE before, so was particularly grateful for the provision of teaching resources and the training at the Youthworks day conference for SRE teachers at the start of the year.
Teaching SRE is an amazing privilege and joy. Definitely recommend it!’


“I’ve had so many great opportunities teaching SRE this year. Here are just a few highlights:

Each of my Year 5/6 students have taken a Bible home with them, after our lesson on how to read the Bible for yourself.

In a Year 3/4 class we were talking about how Jesus is the only way to Heaven. One of the boys said to me, “Why hasn’t anyone told me about Jesus before? He’s the King of everything! Why hasn’t anyone told me?” I was caught off guard by his earnestness and shock, that he had never been told this great news before!! It reminded me of the great privilege of SRE teaching.

I’m frequently blown away at the students’ depth of thinking, asking questions like: did God make Satan?

In our lesson on ‘Does God care?’ related to suffering, some of my students shared some really tough things that have happened in their lives. It was a real privilege to have them open up like that, and get to bring those things before God together, knowing that He really does care.”


How can you support this ministry?

  1. Pray
    We’d love you to be praying that hearts will be increasingly inclined towards the Lord. That we would speak faithfully and plainly of the hope we have in Christ. That those in decision making positions in the public education system will continue to see faith as an essential and enriching part of a child’s education.
  2. Consider teaching!
    You don’t need to be theologically or teacher trained to serve in this ministry. There is a manual to follow that outlines lessons, what to teach, when, and how to teach it well for the age group you’re teaching. It’s a wonderful opportunity to grow in both skills and knowledge and love of God and his children. It’s incredible, the profound and yet simple lessons you can learn from a 7 year old.

‘Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”’

Matthew 19:14

I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in serving in Primary SRE next year!


Meaghan Gates
Children’s Minister

Click here to learn more about SRE roles & responsibilities, and serving at St Michael’s.