“Some Christians might know God. I know things about God, but I don’t know God.”

These were honest words spoken to me by a fourth-year university student at Wollongong University as I shared gospel truths with him. I appreciated his honesty.

As I shared with Him that we can know God through the man Jesus Christ (John 12:45, 17:20-26), I was reminded all over again of the beauty of the fact that we can know God!

The more I reflected on the truths of scripture after the conversation, the more I was reminded of just how desperately I need this truth.

I was reminded all over again that I am in a desperate situation – we all are in a desperate situation – without a relationship with God through Christ.

If God did not reveal who he is through the Lord Jesus, there is no way of me knowing God. Unless Christ came into the world to wipe away my sin and pay the penalty for my rebellion I have no escape from sin and I am separated from him. If God did not raise Jesus from the dead I am still in my sin, my hope is futile, and I am not in His family.

But praise be to God! He has done all those things! We can know God, and we can be in His family.

So my encouragement as you go out this week and look for opportunities to share the momentous news of Jesus’ lordship, whether it be at school, work, church, uni, or elsewhere, is to remember just how desperately you need the message you are trying to share, and take joy in the fact that you can know God, and be in His family. If you don’t know this truth, why not speak to someone you trust?

Praise be to God! He has revealed Himself through Christ, and we can know God.

Jonny Hann
7pm Congregation | Ministry Apprentice @UOW