The Rise and Fall of the Mars Hill Podcast Listener

Rory’s conclusion: “But there but for the grace of God, go I. Sin gets in everywhere. It got into Mars Hill. And no doubt it can get into my response to Mars Hill.”


How Can I Pray Biblical Prayers for My Suffering Friend?

Even if you don’t buy the book, I think we can learn a bit fro the review summary of three categories of requests we can pray for those who are suffering: glory to God, open hearts, and changed circumstances…


Unmarried Sex Is Worse Than You Think

I’m not surprised by the social science results being reported under this headline. But what I really appreciated were two paragraphs near the end giving a Christian ‘gospelbound’ perspective:

“So, here’s the secret: On the one hand, gospelbound Christians value sex more than our culture does—so much that we don’t just give it away. For single Christians, that means refraining altogether. For married Christians, that means limiting sex to your spouse inside the bounds of marriage.
“On the other hand, gospelbound Christians value sex less than our culture does. We reject the increasingly common view that unless you’re having sex the way you want it, you’re living an unfulfilled life. A celibate gospelbound Christian is living just as much of a fulfilling, exciting, interesting, and meaningful life as a married, sexually active gospelbound Christian is.”