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Why We Can’t Sign the Ezekiel Declaration. An Evangelical Response

I regret the need to share this, but it is a polite, fairly sympathetic, but very clear critique of a statement from some church leaders gaining a lot of attention. I would add these comments. 1. I am saddened that the Ezekiel Declaration nowhere actually mentions love or compassion for others. It focuses in our rights but omits to mention our responsibilities to others, which seems contrary in tone to Jesus, who came not to be served but to serve. 2. I would oppose a unilateral imposition by the state on churches of a requirement to exclude unvaccinated people from church life. But I would also counsel that there may be individual ministries within a parish (like a nursing home or retirement village ministry with mostly over 70s), where being vaccinated (or having evidence of a recent negative COVID test) might be a condition of entry. Of course there would be lots of other opportunities for the unvaccinated to attend church.


Don’t Surrender the Fight Against Euthanasia

As euthanasia legislation passes elsewhere and heads to NSW Parliament, a medical ethicist and palliative care doctor, Megan Best, has urged Christians, particularly health workers, to resist the killing of patients.


Did Christ Send Paul to Baptize or Not? 1 Corinthians 1:17 in Context(s)

An exercise in careful Bible reading – which applies whether or not you are a credo-baptist or a paedo-baptist for the children of believers!